Twilight Imperium

Strategy Phase Action Phase Status Phase Agenda Phase

  1. Choose strategy cards. From speaker clockwise, everyone chooses one strategy card.
    Less than 5 players?
  2. Assign trade goods. The speaker places one trade good on each unchosen card.

Repeat in initiative order until everyone has passed.

Every time it is your turn, perform only one of the following:

Tactical Action Strategic Action Component Action Pass

You can also Trade and still perform one of the above actions.

When What Once Binding deals Non-binding deals Offering promissory notes Resolving promissory notes

Perform all of the following steps:

Activation Movement Space Combat Invasion Production
  1. Activate system. Take a command token from your tactic pool and place it in a system.

Only if you want to, and if you can.

  1. Move into system. Move your units into your activated system.
    Blocking Lockdown Pick up Capacity
  2. Watch out for hazards. Make sure to handle special spacial features appropriately.
    Asteroid field or supernova Nebula Gravity rift
  3. Space cannon. Each player's units in the system may use their space cannon abilities now, against your ships.
    When Info

Only if multiple players have ships in the active system.

  1. Anti-fighter barrage. Each player's units can use their anti-fighter barrage abilities.
    When Resolution
  2. Announce retreat. Retreats must be announced in advance otherwise you cannot retreat.
    Ground forces
  3. Make combat rolls. Roll one die for each ship in the active system. When a roll is equal to or higher than the unit's combat value, it produces a hit.
    Multiple dice
  4. Assign hits. The victim of each hit is responsible for selecting the hit ships, and then damaging or removing them from the board.
  5. Retreat. If a retreat was announced, all your ships are moved to an adjacent friendly system.
    Restriction Command token
  6. Repeat. If both players have units remaining, resolve another round starting at the "Announce retreat" step.

Only if you want to, and if you can.

  1. Bombardment. You can destroy enemy ground forces using your units' bombardment abilities.
    When Resolution Explicit Planetary shield
  2. Commit ground forces. Decide which ground forces you wish to land on which planets and put them there.
  3. Space cannon defense. Enemy PDS units can be used against you via space cannon ability.
    When Info Resolution
  4. Ground combat. If multiple players have ground forces on the same planet, those players resolve a ground combat.
    Resolution order How to resolve
  5. Establish control. Each invaded planet with one or more of your units on it is assigned to you.
    Enemy structures Exhaustion

Only if you want to, and if you can.

  1. Produce units. Produce units using space docks present in your activated system.
    Location Limits 2 for 1 None left? Tokens Blockade Trade goods
  1. You must have at least one unexhausted strategy cards to do this.
  2. Resolve primary effect. Resolve the primary ability of your strategy card.
  3. Resolve secondary effect. Other players can resolve the secondary ability of your strategy card.
  4. Exhaust. Exhaust the strategy card to indicate it cannot be used again.
  1. Perform an action described on one of your action cards.
  2. or perform an action on your faction sheet.
  3. or perform an action on a technology card.
  4. or perform an action that you have access to elsewhere.

You cannot pass until you have exhausted all of your strategy cards.

You no longer take actions and must wait for the status phase.

  1. Score objectives. In initiative order each player can score up to one public objective and one secret objective.
    Control token Home planets Limit of 3
  2. Reveal public objectives. Speaker reveals the next public objective.
    Game over
  3. Draw action cards. All players draw one action card.
    Maximum of 7
  4. Remove command tokens. All players remove their command tokens from the map, into their reinforcements pile.
  5. Gain and redistribute command tokens. Every player gains two command tokens. Every player can redistribute their command tokens.
  6. Ready cards. Unexhaust all cards (planet, technology and strategy cards).
  7. Repair units. Make sure all units are facing up on the map.
  8. Return strategy cards. All players return their strategy cards.
  1. Skip this phase if Mecatol Rex is not owned by any player.
  2. Reveal agenda. Reveal one agenda card from the top of the agenda deck.
  3. Vote. Starting after the speaker clockwise, all players can vote by exhausting their planets.
    Exhausting planets Single mindedness Election Abstain Transactions
  4. Resolve outcome. Depending on the results of the vote, resolve the relevant outcome described on the card.
    Ties Directives Laws
  5. Do it again. Repeat steps 2 - 4, to resolve a second agenda card.
  6. Ready planets. Unexhaust all planets ready for the next round.